Premiere: Get It – [Kaleb Mitchell]

Post by Lee Mcintosh

Kaleb Mitchell is the raging fire in the party with his exciting new release, “Get It.” It’s a storm of sounds, a hurricane of energy, and a cataclysm of style that sounds far into the distant future. With dizzying and rapidly twisting flows, “Get It” is the perfect party-starter that’s more than just endless pools of energy; it’s a showcase of both style and talent that proves that Kaleb Mitchell is here for the long haul. Get It” originally dropped in 2016 before being repackaged in what amounts to a higher definition. Now, it’s the real deal. The New York Jets are using it as the theme song for when they come sprinting out of the tunnel. And that’s just the beginning; there’s so many places that it’ll appear. 

Being one of the newest signees to Def Jam Records, the 20-year-old rapper has been killing it with projects such as NINESEVENTHREE, MITCHELL, and So Help Me God that have established him as a rapping and singing multi threat, and one of the hardest new hip-hop artists to come out of New Jersey, where hip-hop “grew up at” according to Ice-T during his introductory speech at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. Kaleb Mitchell shoulders this legacy and looks to further it with Def Jam with powerful melodies and even stronger raps. Check out Kaleb Mitchell’s new smash “Get It” below!

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