Premiere: Drench Em – [26ar]

Just about a year ago to date, the first wave of Brooklyn drill was making its rounds throughout the country, rapidly becoming rap’s most exciting new sound. The style of production, of course, had been around for quite some time in the UK, but the inimitable New York swagger is what felt so new about the scene – the kind of style, lingo, and charisma that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world outside of NYC. As time has gone on and one of the scene’s driving names in Pop Smoke has passed, the drill sound has continued to thrive in a different way, offering an entirely new cast of characters to carry the torch.

Among those, and quite likely at the forefront of it all, is 26AR. Primed as one of NYC’s hardest working artists with a slew of new releases over the past few months, 26AR has carved out a lane of hard-nosed, highly-quotable, Amiri jean-wearing rap that continues to fuel the drill fire. And even as he releases at breakneck speed, 26AR’s development over the past few months has been nothing less than enthralling. He hasn’t just been releasing to release, he’s been slowly building out his sound, chipping away with each release and building momentum, step by step. Today, fans see the hard work come to a point, as 26aR releases his highly-anticipated tape, Drench Em.

12 tracks long, Drench Em is a massively impressive showing of the Brooklyn native’s talents and ambitions, offering numerous high-octane drill songs to give the fans what they want, but also letting loose a few new sounds to round things out as 26AR continues to broaden his horizons. As a result, the project shows a massive amount of promise in just 12 songs, leaving an exclamation point next to 26AR’s name to end off what’s been a huge 2020 for Brooklyn’s own.

Just over a year ago today, 26AR was locked up, hearing about the Brooklyn drill scene from behind bars. Today, he reigns as one of the scene’s rookies of the year.

Drench Em is out now — be sure to give it a listen below, and check out our August interview with 26AR here!

Cover Photo by @1itsa