Premiere: Dream Cruise-[Hard Car Kids]

Each time that I get to write about Hard Car Kids, I always have to pinch my arms to remind myself of how blessed I am to be able to cover such a talented group of individuals. If you haven’t read my previous work, Hard Car Kids is a Detroit bred group that consists of Charlie Burg, Munch, Stoop Lee, Austenyo, Leo Pastel, and Jacob Sigman, who all have their own respective solo projects that are taking off. Over the last few years, these superhero team up movies have absolutely crushed the box office and this collection of artists give off the same exact energy. With so much talent, it seems unfair for them to be on the same tracks, but the ending result is a myriad of songs that will leave you speechless.

Today, Hard Car Kids make it onto the page of Lyrical Lemonade for the release of their EP “Dream Cruise” that I have the pleasure of premiering this morning! From the moment I took a listen to this 8 song project, I knew that I had just stumbled on a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word. Each song breathes life into the whole entire project, but stands on its own as a complete song. Each artist brings an immensely different style and groove to the table which allows all of them to shine in their own right. The diverse sound and all our dynamic production brings everything together in a way that seems effortless. One of my favorite songs has to be “I Don’t Wanna Talk” as it exudes the energy that most perfectly encapsulates this project in a whole.

I really love these guys and it’s jus nuts that they’re not absolutely huge. I’m a firm believer that after fans and tastemakers get a load of this one, they won’t be able to get enough! 2021 is going to be huge for this group and I’m so excited to check out all they release! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to the EP, so give it a listen and tap in with these legends!