Premiere: Blossom – [Nate Traveller] ft. [AKTHESAVIOR]

When it comes to certain artists, there aren’t enough words to truly encapsulate the unbelievable beauty that is found in their art. Nate Traveller is one of these artists. When I first heard his music, there was not a doubt in my mind that the 23 year old Florida native has what it takes to pave his own legacy in any manner that he chooses. Back in August, I had the pleasure of introducing y’all to Nate after the release of his track “Solace”; Today, the rising artist is back onto our pages for his brand new offering entitled, “Blossom”.

As soon as you press play, it’ll be pretty hard to resist the infectious guitar pattern that’s present. Not only is this song extremely well done on the production side, but on the lyrical side, Nate has a lot of things he wants to express to his fans as well. This week, I was able to hop on the phone with him before the song dropped to get a more in depth look at his creative process and what makes this song so special. The catchy hook that Nate created for this song was actually an original poem that he decided to integrate into this new piece; a decision that I think paid off dividends. On top of that, Nate was able to enlist help from well known rapper AKTHESAVIOR…a feature that he was extremely grateful to have, especially because of AK’s impressive musical resume.

Before I got off of the phone with Nate, I asked him if he had any special words about the song and he explained that, “I feel like it’s a song that everyone should write too themselves. You have to love and accept yourself at your lows if you want to live an experience your highs. I’m finally stepping into my sphere of sound. Crazy blessed to be able to get an AK verse on it. Very excited for this release thankful for everything that is aligning right now. If you connect with this music go crazy, retweet, share it with the people you love this is only the beginning.”

You heard the man! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to “Blossom”. Give it a listen and share it with your homies! Enjoy!