Pre55ure – [Shakur Smalls]

Prior to this week, I wasn’t quite tapped in with Shakur Smalls the way I should be. The name sounds familiar, but other than that, I was sadly unaware of just how talented this rising star truly is. I always say that it’s better late than never when it comes to being put on to new emcees, and I’m sure glad I’m no longer in the dark.

My first taste of Shakur’s music is his song “Pre55ure”, a track that just dropped a week ago and comes with an even more captivating music video with The Genius Club’s direction. In the song, you can tell it’s going to be a candid banger from the moment you hear the poignant production, but it’s Shakur’s ability to let his walls down and be as transparent as possible with his words. The lyrics alone are powerful, discussing the fact that the young talent just wants to be successful.

In the midst of working towards this success, he admits to taking part in some events that he’s not proud of, but he’s just a product of his environment, and these things are done out of survival, not out of malice. While delivering these bars, passion and enthusiasm just pour out of him, bringing even more elements to the picture that makes it that much more impactful of a record. In the music video, we are taken on a tour around his city, sharing the beauty that is found within the streets as well as the danger that is interwoven.

To divide these moments up, there are also numerous frames that show off a bright pink forest setting that stands out and reminisces with me thanks to its vibrant presence in the video overall. What really brings things into perspective is the sobering real-life footage of various violent acts that are sprinkled in there to show viewers that Shakur’s message isn’t just a tall tale, it’s real life.

Although Shakur Smalls is new on my radar, I always appreciate someone whose passion and authenticity shine through in their music. With that being said, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more new music from the up-and-comer, and I highly suggest you get tapped in as well!