Prayers Ain’t Enough – [King Carter] x [Rago Foot]

UK-based producer Rago Foot and New York-based rapper King Carter recently dropped their collaborative mixtape ‘Prayers Ain’t Enough’. With moments of hazy, disorienting brilliance shining across 17 tracks, the two artists craft a sonically consistent, seamlessly flowing project that functions as a comprehensive introduction to their talent as a duo.

Lyrically, Carter mixes introspection with aggression, performing at his best when he’s balancing a stream of consciousness style of rapping with cunning disses aimed at whoever’s trying to slow him down. He gives weight to his words in imaginative double entendres and creative wordplay, rapping “I can’t wear no chain ‘cause it reminds me of a noose” and similar bars that beg a listener to rewind the track just to pick up on the detail in his rhymes.

Foot meets Carter’s lyrical flexing with production choices that amplify the mesmerizing nature of his flows. On the explosive “10 Toes” for example, Foot melds trap 808s with rumbling bass drowned in layers of sampled sounds. His irregular sample chops might be hard to keep up with, but Carter proves he’s more than up for the challenge. ‘Prayers Ain’t Enough’ serves as a testament to both of these artist’s skills, joining their forces together for something that’s just as confusing as it is addicting to listen to.