Prayed About – [Yung Honcho]

One of my recent favorite discoveries has been Knoxville’s Yung Honcho. Though he has a distinct style, his vocal range and beat selection make his library wide-ranging, with songs for every type of hip-hop listeners. “Prayed About” is his newest joint, one that I knew I was going to enjoy from the first few seconds of hearing the beat. Honcho took it and ran with it, utilizing both his vocal range and raw storytelling abilities to make a cohesive 2-minute and 46-second track that portrays exactly why Honcho is an artist to look out for.

“Push it to the limit, I’m tryna make it out, to see the days that I prayed about.”

The song is an introspective one, talking through Honcho’s journey to the point he’s currently at, and watching his prayers manifest and unfold into reality through his rise. You can tell just how much each track means to him and his dreams, and that reason, paired with the unmoving consistency that I’ve seen from his releases so far, elevates his name above the competition.

Make sure to keep an eye and an ear out for Yung Honcho, he’s one of my favorite finds of 2023 so far. Stream “Prayed About” below!