PRAY – [dilla]

The Fort Wayne, IN artist dilla is back with a premiere of his latest single “PRAY.” His soft vocals beam messages of his come-up, and how difficulty and adversity can be overcome through faith. “I ain’t supposed to be here but I, should be broke and six feet under, but I rose up/ Turn my L’s into lessons stayin’ focused.” His optimism and positive outlook provide for an inspirational, smooth banger that’s a must-listen.

Dilla also pays tribute to his team and his homies, who have been through it all with him on their journey. “Met my brothers, they my blood, we move like soldiers – they watch my six, but there’s cobweb in the holsters.” The importance of having supportive people and a positive environment around you is paramount, and dilla proclaims his thankfulness to have his guys by his side through it all.

Dilla has racked up a respectable Soundcloud following, and has past singles and projects that have accumulated 10’s of thousands of streams across the platform. “PRAY” is a masterful piece that could amass numerous streams as well.

Stream “PRAY” below!