Pray 4 Shakewell – [Shakewell]

There was a very long and important chunk of my life where darker, more diabolical music played a major role in my music preferences, and although I still love these tracks and specific artists, I feel like I have lost touch slightly compared to the grasp I had on that scene not veery long ago whatsoever. Obviously, $uicideboy$, Night Lovell, and plenty of others were the best out and still probably are, but I think that one person who has been underappreciated for years is Shakewell, and I don’t want to let that continue to happen.

He always brings the heat in terms of his energy, but he also puts so much effort into his lyrics, deliveries, and most of the other parts of his art that he isn’t going to put out just anything without making sure it’s as good as possible. This is more than apparent in his latest project Pray 4 Shakewell, an album that boasts 14 songs that span just over 30 minutes long. While he has plenty of enthusiastic bangers sprinkled throughout, there are just as many emotive, genuine records that reveal a bit more of his inner monologue without being filtered or watered down, and I think that both of these varying styles of songs deserve a spot in the world by all means.

There are even some more experimental songs that bring out an entirely new side of the veteran emcee, and while there are risks involved in trials like this, I think they paid off wonderfully and showed me an entirely different yet able side of Shake. With just a few features from artists like Boobie Lootaveli, Fat Nick, and $uicideboy$, Shake is able to adapt to their styles while also exploiting his own strengths, so I was beyond excited with the way that this project turned out. With that being said, if you are a fan of the iconic underground phenom known as Shakewell, just know that Pray 4 Shakewell is definitely going to be a fan favorite for quite some time to come, and it’s something you’re definitely going to want to check out as soon as you possibly can.