Praise God – [Devstacks]

Devstack’s dauntingly atmospheric production and head-spinningly catchy hooks offer a uniquely transcending feeling to his tracks, and his latest track, Praise God, has listeners at heaven’s gates. 

The influential Boston-based artist/producer has his fingerprints all over the underground with his decorated production credits spanning across sound pioneers’ discographies like Summrs, Chxpo, and Autumn! to name a few. Beyond that, though, Dev’s solo music has experienced an explosion of sorts off the back of his own sound, most notably with the release of last year’s single, 4pf. 

Dev has continued his momentum with a barrage of solo releases, but his most recent offering, Praise God, may be the most potent representation of his individuality and future stardom. Dev’s sound and artistic direction are lifetimes ahead of his peers, and, Praise God, is a modern-day symphony. The track is dressed with dauntingly atmospheric production that is tied together with layered strings and measured crooning that builds a layer of anxious anticipation ahead of the track’s explosion of booming 808s as Dev nonchalantly enters to perform his signature laid-back delivery of a characteristically earworm hook. Dev’s dead-pan delivery offers an addictingly calm presence as his praises coast in, out, and between the track’s symphony of interesting textures. This song is nothing less than special and easily has been one of my favorite finds in a while. Tap in with Devstack’s track, Praise God, using the links below!