Powerlines EP-[Sam MacPherson]

Sam MacPherson has been one of my favorite artists for some time now and today, the New Jersey native makes it back on to our page for the release of his brand new EP called, “Powerlines”. Whenever I write, I want it to be impactful, which is why I’m extremely honored to be writing about an artist who demands nothing but the best words when describing his music.

From start to finish, this 8 song project is a triumph in every way. Songs like “Homesick” and “First Place” are instant captivators while “Play Dumb” and “Safe to Say” solidify Sam as a force in this music industry as a standout performer and exceptional writer. I’ve had the chance to be around this talented individual on many occasions and each time it’s a blessing to share the same space with someone who creates such a beautiful art.

“Powerlines” is Sam’s first project since 2021 and this is the perfect reemergence for someone who is poised have a long and illustrious career making music. I’ve attached the flawless EP down below, so give it a listen when you get the chance and let us know what you think!