Power Nap – [Nicholas Craven] x [Boldy James]

If someone were to tell me that Boldy James is the best rapper (dead or alive), I wouldn’t feel remotely obliged to dispute their claim. Regardless of where James falls on your all-time list, his ridiculous levels of quality x quantity output makes it a crime at this point to exclude his name on any [hip-hop] list. Similarly, Canadian producer Nicholas Craven is an absolute must-mention when it comes to discussions of top-tier producers, so it’s no coincidence that Boldy and Nicholas never miss when they collaborate. Shortly after releasing “Death & Taxes,” the elite duo’s newest offering is “Power Nap,” which is yet another masterful display of rap lyricism over a jazzy, signature Craven instrumental. However, don’t let the track’s title fool you; despite the calming production, James’ bars are more than surgical enough to keep you awake. With an “extendo full of a sleeping pills,” the only thing that’ll lull you sleep via anesthesia is if you dare to question the [shared] greatness between Boldy James and Nicholas Craven. Peep “Power Nap” below!