Potpourri – [Qari]

Saying Qari has had a busy 2018 would be an understatement, dropping his ‘No Time To Explain’ project and reuniting alongside Supa Bwe and Mullato Beats this summer as Hurt Everybody. In between, he’s also found time to gift listeners with a couple new singles, the latest of which comes today in the form of “Potpourri”.

The Chicago native reflects on the time he’s spent with someone, contemplating the fleetness of the world around him in the process. Qari also reminds us of his skill as a clever lyricist, wrapping his bars up in double-entendres and mind-bending juxtapositions left for a listener to unravel layer by layer. Caught deep in thought, his raps get delivered in a subdued tone as if he were talking to himself. Producer SoL Ra accompanies these bars with a syrupy sample that drones on in a numbing haze, leaving room for Qari’s restless mind to run free.