Potato Chips- [TJ Atoms]

I love when characters I grow to love from my favorite T.V shows and movies tap into different industries. TJ Atoms from Wu-Tang: An American Saga is no exception. The North Philly actor plays Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka ODB, on the popular Hulu series. Music was Atoms first love before getting into acting.

“I started making music first, and that was my first passion,” he told POPSUGAR. “I was making music, [and] I used to rap over Wu-Tang beats, so I feel like I definitely manifested the opportunity because I was channeling the energy of Wu-Tang since I was a teenager.”

On October 27, Atom hosted Wu-Tang: An American Saga finale screening at Soho House in NYC. Not only was this event an opportunity to watch the finale with his cast, but also share his debut single “Potato Chips”. This song was created during the pandemic to allow his listener to feel motivated, inspired, and still groove to it at the same time.

“Music has always been a passion of mine since 16. It’s another way for me to story-tell and express where I’m from and, best of all, where I’m going. I’m giving a taste with Potato Chips and coming with more heat soon. It’s just the beginning,” he shared with Hiphopsince1987.

The track was produced by Doctor Freon with electrifying 808s. I enjoyed this song because it made me feel very energetic and motivated. “I bet on myself and I doubled up. I stuck to myself and I leveled up,” he raps on the hook. The message behind the song was very relatable.

I’m very excited to see Atom’s music career evolve in the future. Make sure you stream his new single on Apple Music out now.