Popping (Remix) – [Lil Xelly] ft. [Tony Shhnow]

Back in his hay day just a few years ago, Lil Xelly was putting out more music on his own than pretty much the rest of the music industry collectively. I don’t know how he found enough time in a day to record the number of songs he would put out, but I think that just speaks to his talents because it takes a truly special artist to constantly bring something new to the table with every new song, especially when you’re putting out multiple mixtapes per week.

While his productivity might’ve slowed down slightly, and I want to emphasize slightly, he is still putting out so much new music that constantly showcases his incredible skills time and time again. Just a few days ago, he put out a project entitled Trap Boyardee, and while I didn’t realize this was already out until today, I’m now extremely excited to tune into the 9 new records he blessed fans with, even though I know he’s going to have more records out in the blink of an eye.

One of the standouts from my early listen to this project was “Poppin”, a song that seems to utilize an instrumental from one of the various rap challenges artists would take on over the past few years, and considering there are so many of these challenges, I’m blanking on the name for this one. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he released a remix of this song already, this time recruiting Tony Shhnow to put his own spin on the track and breathing some new life into the already impressive record.

Although Xelly’s hook and verse remain consistent with that of the original, I’m still a big fan of his contribution, and when Tony comes in, he gives us a new twist that you need to hear for yourself. I wish my words could do Xelly and Tony’s talents justice, but the simple fact is they can’t, so make sure you check out the “Popping (Remix)” before diving head-first into Trap Boyardee.