Poppin It – [Kenny Muney]

Over the past year or two, artists have been popping up from all over the map, and many of them are starting to carve out lanes of their own even if they’re not necessarily from a classically recognized Hip-Hop or Rap hub. Places like Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, and many others are quickly becoming new destinations for rappers to blow, and although LA, NYC, and ATL will always be recognized as the main Rap cities, they’re clearly not the only Rap cities that exist.

Most recently, I was put onto rapper Kenny Muney from Memphis which is another music town that is beginning to rapidly make its way back into the spotlight that it once had so many years ago. He signed to Paper Route EMPIRE which includes names like Young Dolph and Key Glock, and he is rapidly becoming one of the faces of the labels with every new release. Earlier today, Kenny decided to drop off a brand-new single for his song “Poppin It” which was produced by Bandplay, and while the song is already amazing, the video simply makes it that much better.

Opening up on a shot of Kenny fast asleep on an airport chair, he is dreaming of being in his luxurious bathroom with his girl. In this dream, his woman is taking a bubble bath as Kenny stands next to her, flexing his Moncler jacket, Mocha Jordan 1’s, and all of the diamond-studded jewelry hanging from his next and in his mouth. As the song continues, his girl ends up getting out of the tub and joins him outside as she dances and vibes out to the record along with Kenny.

Later on, they hit the jewelry store where he separates his money into stacks so they can count it and see what he can afford, but the amount of cash that’s placed on the counter makes me believe he can pretty much afford whatever he wants. At the end of the day, this song is all about flaunting the wealth he has worked so hard to receive. The only thing I find somewhat comical is the fact that he has a line about being humble and rich, yet the entire song is full of brags and boasts and while this might be the case, I can’t blame him even slightly because I’d do the same exact thing if I was in the same situation so I can do nothing but applaud him.

Memphis might be known for their Crunk acts that took the country by storm, but Kenny seems to be adding his own spin on things and this is going to go such a long way when differentiating himself in the long run. His flows in this record were completely on point and although they were quick, they never seemed too rushed or hurried, and this speaks volumes about his talents in all honesty. When seeing his personality come to life in the music video, he just seems like such a charismatic, entertaining artist, and with such great music to match, there’s no reason in my mind as to why he’s not going to be the next big artists to come out of the south. If you don’t believe me, just check out the brand-new music video for his track “Poppin It” and see for yourself.