Pop ‘Em Both – Julian’O

A clever usage of strobing light effects adds to the dazzling display of “Pop ‘Em Both” for Julian’O, bringing things into chaos mode. The attention to detail is profound. Parts of the video remind me of the hyper-edits of Busta Rhymes’ “Gimme Some More.” Much like that video, it focuses on an oft-used technique but amplifies it enormously. Whereas Busta Rhymes enjoyed the fisheye lens focus and incredible outfit changes, Julian’O incorporates scenes that dart by here. 

Color matters a lot, and the scene pop. Existing for mere fractions of a second at a time, he manages to tell an entire story through the power of this delivery and the visuals themselves. The lyricism drips down, adding to the surreal experience. Vocals have this commanding stance to them. Skittering beats on top further add to this sheer density. Immersive in quite every possible way. Highly artistic, Julian’O brings elements of glitch within the visuals as they snap, rotate, and break apart in fantastic ways. “Pop ‘Em Both” is a pure trip, for Julian’O captures a life flashing before one’s eyes.