Pole – [Stacy Money]

Ever since my initial introduction to Stacy Money just a few days ago, I haven’t been able to forget about the feeling that his music invokes. It’s memorable in regards to the mood that it creates, and, lost within a barrage of ambitious lyricism, it truly does stick with you after just one or two listens. Today, Stacy is back on Lyrical Lemonade to deliver all of this and more on his new single, “Pole”. Led by production from Swvde, this luxurious illustration of the desirable lifestyle that the young artist lives is certainly nothing to skip right over. The song is well-crafted both lyrically and sonically, providing the perfect explanation as to why Stacy Money’s stocks have been rising at such a rapid rate in recent months. That being said, listen to “Pole” below and be prepared for a new mixtape from Stacy Money entitled La La Land due out for release on April 20th!