Poland – [Lil Yachty]&[F1LTHY]

When you look at music’s history of celebrated singers, names like Barbara Streisand, Beyoncé, and Celine Dion decorate the pantheon of artists who wield their vibrato-laden voices like the noble King Arthur with his sword, or the troubled Van Gogh with his paintbrush. Joining these legendary singers today is none other than Atlanta singer/songwriter Lil Yachty with his newest release “Poland” – produced by none other than F1LTHY himself. Synthesizing seasoned and dulcet vocal tones with a modern rage flair, “Poland” sees Lil Yachty at his strongest since the halcyon days of “One Night” and “Minnesota”. Lil Yachty sings “woooOOOooOOOOOOooock” in a manner resembling a sweet whisper fading into the wind’s infinite majesty, every moment a sacred gift from one of the best artists alive at present. It leaves me without speech, and yet I type. Perhaps there is nothing left to say about “Poland” aside from the simple fact that it once again establishes Lil Yachty as not only a permanent fixture in modern music’s cultural canon, but a generational force of creative brilliance that mankind may never see again.

Check out Lil Yachty and F1LTHY’s newest release “Poland” below: