Poland – [Lil Yachty]

Every social media platform has been jam-packed for the past week or so with memes and content based on Lil Yachty’s snippet for this record “Poland” which officially dropped on DSP’s last night. Lyrical Lemonade has a very close relationship with Lil Yachty, so it made perfect sense to fully capitalize on this moment and connect for the new music video, which just dropped a few minutes ago! You will find Yachty + Cole roaming the streets of New York, where Yachty took a brave and courageous adventure to travel all the way to Poland via train, securing the wock in the process and blessing the citizens + instantly improving their quality of life.

Rumor has it that taking the wock to Poland is actually a great metaphor for this game of life that we all play – many experts have been doing the science to try to figure out what it truly means. You can find many of these theories in the comments section under the video, enjoy!