Poke It Out-[Wale] feat. [J. Cole]

Going to High School in D.C. had it’s perks, but none rivaled getting put on to the local music scene. As a 14 year old freshman, I was eager to attach myself to any artist or musician who peaked my interest and it seemed like everywhere I turned, Wale was the topic of every discussion. From songs like “Lotus Flower Bomb” all the way to “Legendary”, it was evident that Wale was not just someone you listen to in passing, but a true genius who you needed to appreciate. The D.C. native has single-handedly put the community on the map while paving the way for prominent artists to come up behind him. What’s even greater is that Wale is in no way ready to slow down after all that he’s accomplished.

Today, the seasoned veteran is making it on to our pages after announcing his new Album, with a new song featuring J. Cole called, “Poke It Out”. The new offering that we’ve been blessed with is nothing short of classic Wale as he never disappoints on any song he puts out. The inclusion of J. Cole was the perfect feature as it completely fills out an already impressive and refreshing track. From the production all the way to their respective verses, this track gives great reasons why you should be excited for Wale music! I’ve attached the song down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!