Poison Klan – [PlayThatBoiZay] ft. [Denzel Curry] [Anonymuz]

Raw energy isn’t something every rapper can say they possess, and because of this, it never gets old. It isn’t as easy as just screaming into the mic, it’s about being able to hold you own over hard-hitting, noisy production. PlayThatBoiZay brings this much-needed energy to his songs and is able to bring the hard-core trap to the next level. 

A perfect example of this is his new track, featuring Denzel Curry and Anonymuz, titled “Poison Klan”, from his new EP. PlayThatBoiZay was featured on the earth-shattering “P.A.T.” from Denzel’s most recent project ZUU, and here Zay proves he can bring that same energy to his own work. This track, in particular, is another meeting of the Florida minds, hence the title of the track, and proves how deep the talent in the Florida hip-hop scene runs.

“Poison Klan” features a blistering, eerie instrumental, produced by Anonymuz, which makes for a tight knit, yet smoky, banger, and the visuals that accompany the track bring out its supernatural nature. The video is glitchy and distorted at times, and the forest backdrop makes sense, as this track has a hypnotizing nature that pulls the listener in and leaves them wondering exactly what universe this is from.

You’ll have to check this track out for yourself, give it a listen down below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to check Zay’s new EP here!

Directed by Unkleluc & Fxrbes
Assistant Directed by Mooksagacinema