PLUS + plus + – [81 Drew] ft. [BIGBABYGUCCI]

I’m always amazed at the sheer range of musical styles that California artists put out. It feels like they cover all the hip-hop bases that you could imagine, and then they dive even deeper into other realms and depths to make each sound their own. 81 Drew is someone that I have heard of here and there, but never really took the time to get fully tapped in for one reason or another.

Regardless, I knew that the Mexican American rapper had to be putting together some intriguing music considering I had even heard his name pop up from various unrelated sources, so his recent song “PLUS + plus +” turned into something I just couldn’t overlook any longer. Part of the reason I was drawn in was the fact that BIGBABYGUCCI was featured. At the same time, I was seriously excited to hear some of the diverse deliveries and unique flows that Drew executed over the woozy, ambient instrumental.

According to Drew’s Spotify bio, this isn’t the first time these two emcees met. In fact, Drew served as the opener for GUCCI at one of his shows. The list of other musical acts that he has opened for continues with names like Fenix Flexin, DC the Don, and Suigeneris, so with some significant figures in the underground getting acquainted with his sound this early on, I think it’s safe to say that 81 Drew is setting himself up for success and longevity.

Back to the record, it almost feels like Drew tailored the aesthetic of this track to fit GUCCI’s typical style, but since I don’t know too many of his other songs, it very well could be a sound that he creates as well. Regardless, both emcees absolutely kill it with catchy lines and spot-on melodies, making “PLUS + plus +” a record you surely aren’t going to want to miss out on!