Plug Motivation – [Tony Shhnow]

Atlanta is a powerhouse of rap industry innovators, and that is how it has always been and will always be. I feel like you can just feel the different tiers of the scene down there more than anywhere else because you can go from some of the most famous emcees in the world like Young Thug and Future all the way down to the local, underground scene but constantly find something you absolutely love. Tony Shhnow is someone that I feel has more of a grasp of Atlanta’s hitmakers than anyone else of any scale, and it seems like he’s tapped in with all the right people to continue his dominant run.

2022 has been a huge year for the underground king, releasing his project Reflexions in June as well as a number of other notable drops as the year has gone on. If you somehow aren’t familiar with him, you need to know that he is one of the main founding fathers of the “Plugg” microgenre that was one of the central styles of the SoundCloud rap movement, and while this moment in time might be a few years gone, the specific sound is as alive and well as always. This is demonstrated in Tony’s long-awaited project Plug Motivation, and so is the respect he pays to the lush history of the local Atlanta music scene. Not to mention that the effort is a whopping 23 songs that last almost 55 minutes long, so if you’re familiar with Tony’s abilities, you know that this is a project that could take years to divulge through to really break down all of the creativity and artistry that is incorporated throughout.

With so many insanely inventive moments, he knows that even with his unmatched writing abilities and even more masterful capabilities to deliver these lyrics in the best possible way, he knows that he has had some help throughout his career in terms of crafting his sound and paving the way for his musical supremacy. The fact that he has his friends and fellow trailblazers like MexikoDro, Cash Cache, and StoopidXool as well as fellow emcees including Bear1Boss, NorthSide Mally, Seddy Hendrix, and more just pays even more homage to the wonderful tradition that Tony and his day one homies have built in their own way over the years.

It’s just one of those projects that can take you back to another time in Atlanta’s musical past just as much as it gets you more excited than ever for the future of the tenured spitter. With that being said, Plug Motivation is certainly one of the best things you’ll hear all weekend, but it’s also something that up-and-coming artists should really dissect and study if they want to learn what it takes to stand out or make a massive impact on the music industry just like Tony Shhnow has accomplished throughout his consistently impressive career.