Please Don’t Tempt Me – Mati

In recent years, the Midwest hip-hop scene has steadily developed into a vibrant hub for up-and-coming artists. And in Minnesota, the Twin Cities is flourishing with new talent.

Of the up-and-coming artists in the Twin Cities, singer and songwriter Mati released his latest single “Please Don’t Tempt Me,” in early July, and I have to say, I’m quite tempted. Since his release of  “Sweet Life,” last December, Mati has spent the last couple of months refining his sound to set a new standard for his future releases.

When I first listened to “Please Don’t Tempt Me,” I was instantly hooked. The guitar lick in the intro sets this vibe/R&B centric song up for a smooth car ride with all the windows down. As soon as the beat and vocals drop, you’re cruising down the road with nothing but the music turned all the way up. After listening to the song for the 10th time, I can’t stop thinking about how well the beat and instrumentals work together in conjunction with his lyrics.

Known for his ability to fuse creative melodies with poetic lyricism, Mati’s talent stems from his early stages of writing spoken word and poetry. In this song, he talks about an encounter he’s had with a potential love interest and places heavy emphasis on how she can understand his upbringing and what he’s had to overcome.

The hook “Please don’t tempt me, on the highway home going jets speed,” is Mati speaking to his own experience about falling into temptation with a woman. “[I’m] really talking about how fast I can fall into temptation with a woman, but I’m struggling with whether they truly understand and feel the same about me,” he says.

And when he says ‘understand,’ Mati says he also wants them to understand what it means to be a Black man.

“Tough skin cuz I’m home grown, certain things I don’t condone. Wrong tone get yo wind blown.”

Whether it’s personal or just relatable, I think Mati helps make sense of real emotions of wanting to be understood by someone we desire, for better or for worse.

Check out Mati’s single and new visual to “Please Don’t Tempt Me” on YouTube below!