Play With It – [Dolly Ave] x [Charlie Curtis-Beard]

“The first line I wrote as a joke was “This kind of snack is hard to find.” That was the line that brought my producer and I into a world of sweets and candy themes. After the song was made I just felt as if there was an essence missing and I shared the song with Charlie. The creative direction of the video was between my Joe Han, Darren Bui, Sam Li, Charlie and I. I frequently work with my three film friends. We had this idea to make it really bright and pink and fun and the scale of the video got bigger as we got to brainstorming. Charlie thought it’d be a great idea to make up a dance and we all just fed off of one another. Recording video and song was the most fun part. I laughed so hard in the studio and on set. It was very freeing to not take everything so seriously and have a good time. The challenging part was sharing this track. It seems like such a silly thing to be on the fence about but I was constantly fighting with myself because of negative feedback I may get from being too suggestive or making a bubblegum pop track. At the end of the day, I’m glad I shared it because it made me a stronger creative. Being sure and proud of your decision is apart of trusting yourself and your process. Charlie gave me a lot of confidence and inspired me to get out of my comfort zone from dancing to emoting. Couldn’t have made a better choice than [collaborating with] Charlie. Plus his verse is infectious” – Dolly Ave 

Personal favorite Dolly Ave returns to Lyrical Lemonade with her most carefree song & visual yet titled “Play With It.” Featuring Charlie Curtis-Beard, the pair create a sweet pop-rap combo filled with hilariously flirtatious lyrics. The production is fittingly joyous with acoustic guitar elements blended with the summer-themed production. Naturally the record is perfect for the Tik-Tok and Triller audiences, but the offering doesn’t sound forced to fit any particular trending mold. Given that a good chunk of Ave’s music is quite personal and/or expressive, it’s deserving and refreshing to see her experiment under a more cheerful umbrella. As for Charlie, his ability to complement Dolly’s amusing energy was quite impressive; both from a visual performance & musical standpoint.  Watch the official music video for “Play With It” below!