Play Me – [Jvanz]

Today we have a new track from Canadian artist Jvanz! The St. Catherine’s native has been putting time into his craft and perfecting his sound over the past decade and he is only 21. Jvanz has some incredibly smooth vocals that cut over the hard-hitting production on his single “Play Me” creating a gritty sound that will pair perfectly with late-night drives through deserted city streets.  This song revolves around a troubled relationship, a topic relatable to most making this one that is sure to connect with a wide array of listeners. Jvanz has a voice that he is able to craft and mold to fit the tone of whatever song he finds himself on, “Play Me” is only an example of the type of music he is capable of. With some impressive accomplishments to close out 2019, it will be interesting to see how Jvanz continues to grow as this crazy year unfolds.

Stream “Play Me” on all platforms here!