Platinum Plus – [B Free]

Motor City mogul B Free recently premiered a new visual to his single “Platinum Plus.”

The more I integrate myself into the Detroit music industry, the more I get hooked, and the more I learn. Both of these aspects were definitely the case when I listened to this track, as it was the first time I’d heard B Free.

I attempted to try comparing him with any other artists I could think of in my head, as I typically do when I hear one for the first time. In all honesty, however, I couldn’t come up with a solid example. It goes to show just how unique he is, and I think what stands out to me most is the versatility. He raps in his comfortable talking voice, sings falsettos with ease, and harmonizes his hooks with rare talent that most artists are unable to attain.

Maybe just as equally impressive, is the brand-new visual for the song shot by 97 PK, Parker Toonder and Wes. It’s shot in what’s presumably B Free’s neighborhood, with his close supporters rocking out in multiple environments with a clean white Benz. Brilliant usage of transitions stood out throughout the visual, as well as a creative selection of shot-styles including what seems to be some drone footage.

The ending was refreshing and heartfelt in paying respects to B Free’s late friend Vijay.

As you can tell, I was thoroughly impressed with both the track and the video, which complement each other fantastically. I’m excited to continue following B Free, as he continues to gain traction at both the Detroit and nationwide level.

This single and the video are racking up streams across platforms, with it hitting nearly 40K on YouTube in just over a week.

See for yourself, on YouTube below!