PLACEMENT – [Bktherula] ft. [Matt Ox]

The female wave of rap has officially taken the world by storm, and I couldn’t be happier. While there are so many different artists making word wide headlines like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion, amongst others, there are still so many incredible underground talents that have cult followings that only continue to grow. One of these artists is Bktherula, an Atlanta emcee who has this wonderfully appealing attitude and personality that has been attracting fans since day one.

She has gotten bigger and bigger as time goes on, yet I still feel like she can be classified in the underground scene because of her gritty, unapologetic demeanor, and this shines through wonderfully in every single song she puts out. While she might be making her own wave in the music scene, Matt Ox has been an OG for years, despite his youthfulness, so when I heard that these two teamed up for their brand-new song called “PLACEMENT” as well as a Dilwood Media-directed music video, I was beyond pumped to check it out.

In the instrumental, there is a very futuristic, sliding synth that creates the bulk of the melody while percussive elements chatter and 808s roar into your eardrums. Right off the bat, in the hook, Bk starts at the top of her enthusiasm scale, giving us some aggressive and authoritative bars full of passion and ruthlessness that combine for an attitude-heavy chorus that you’re going to find yourself rapping along with for weeks to come. In her verse, she spreads out her lines in a similar fashion to the hook, and she never sacrifices her energy for even a second, remaining constantly hard-nosed throughout every single contribution she provides.

When Matt comes in, his vocals are pitched-up to very high levels even though his ad-libs omit this vocal alteration, and even when the higher-pitch is taken out a few lines in, it’s then incorporated into other ad-libs, carrying this style the entire way and implementing it at very intriguing moments. I had high hopes once I heard about this collaboration and all of my expectations were exceeded with ease, making “PLACEMENT” by Bktherula and Matt Ox a record and a futuristic music video that you’re not going to want to miss out on for even one more second.