Pixie Dust – [Ethel]

As many folks within the music industry know, the months of November and December tend to be fairly mute in terms of releases as streaming platforms, labels, and distribution companies begin to shut down until the following year. Most artists abide by this unspoken code of vacation time, but others look to squeeze in their final releases during the first few weeks of November and December to make sure that they close the year out on a high note. As in the case of Paris-based songstress, Ethel, earlier this month she chose to bless her fans one final time before the year’s close and dropped debatably her best showing yet with her new single, “Pixie Dust”. 

Combining her graceful vocals with ethereal production (courtesy of Banshee The Great) that blends a plethora of pop and dance sounds, Ethel delivered an unforgettable anthem in “Pixie Dust”. Futuristic in many regards, “Pixie Dust” is clear evidence that Ethel is creatively living lightyears ahead of most artists that have attempted to pull off a similar combination of styles. Capturing listeners from the moment the song begins, the sonics pull you into a 3 minute experience that can tune out any and all ADHD temptations and allow your mind to simply be at peace with the music. Falling in line with a common sentiment I’ve shared recently about how the best creatives right now are coming out of Europe, it comes as no surprise to me that my first impression with Ethel’s music was what it was. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “Pixie Dust” and its official visualizer using the links below!