Pissy Pamper (Remix) – [Jimi Tents]

You are not ready for the flow.

Brooklyn native Jimi Tents goes all the way in on his newest offering on Young Nudy and Playboi Carti’s, “Pissy Pamper.” As I’ve said in previously written articles, I believe New York breeds some of the hardest and most dedicated rappers in the game, and Jimi Tents happens to be one of the hardest I’ve heard in a while.

With a unique, original, and extremely impressive delivery, the young emcee solidifies himself as one of the best rappers coming up in the city. This remix will have NYC shook for the entire summer. More coming from Jimi Tents soon.

Be on the lookout.

Listen to, “Pissy Pamper,” here:

Words by Barry R