Rising Toronto RnB talent Pisceze releases “222,” exploring karma, and the balance between good and bad.

Pisceze, an upcoming R&B star of Korean-Japanese heritage, dropped an introspective, thought-provoking track in her latest, “222.”

Here we are again, highlighting yet ANOTHER artist who has early ties to Toronto, rising through the ranks. I don’t know much about Pisceze, but what I’ve learned about her in a short amount of time, is that her dedication to her artistry, and her sheer talent, are both undeniable and unique. Breaking free from a recent situation in which she didn’t have full creative control, this single release signifies more than just an exceptional song, it’s a portrayal of her creative independence and the effort that goes into her work.

The song is one that I truly enjoyed listening to. Cloudy, ethereal instrumental sounds (guitar strings and background vocals) pair well with her soft and inviting voice, facets of RnB that I’m a sucker for. I also noticed that the structure of the song is methodical, and one that ensures that listeners get engaged early, and stay engaged throughout. For lack of a better word, the track crescendos from its beginning to the chorus, creating a leadup full of anticipation until the catchy, well-written, and replayable hook hits. In my opinion, that hook is one of the primary factors that will bring listeners back to this joint. It’s really well placed and is one that I think will get stuck in peoples’ heads easily.

Another thing I love about the track is the thought that went into its message. In this song, she addresses instances where she has faced negativity from others, conveying a powerful message about karma catching up to those who have wronged her. The number 8 symbolizes karma, with 2 x 2 x 2 equalling 8, emphasizing the concept of what goes around comes back around. The intentional use of the number 8 is evident throughout the release, from the song’s length of 2 minutes and 22 seconds to the chosen drop date of November 8th.

Since her debut in 2019 with singles like “Like That” and “What’s Your Sign?”, Pisceze has experienced tremendous growth, solidifying her position in the realm of R&B music. Her talents have been recognized by various outlets, and she was even listed on Complex Canada’s “6 Artists We’ve Been Sleeping On” list, proving her rising prominence in the industry. Pisceze’s dedication to creating meaningful music, and her ability to infuse emotional intelligence and her Canadian upbringing into her songwriting, make her an artist to watch in the evolving landscape of R&B music.

Check out “222” on Spotify below!