Pinky Blues – [Sophie Faith]

“I actually wrote this single for an advert for a microphone company. They asked me to sum up what 2021 was to me, and I’d just come out of a relationship. The main focal point for us breaking up was the conversation around whether we were aligned on having children. I think it became really evident that we weren’t, and even having a small part of me that wants to fulfill dreams of being a mother, it felt like in order for me to be in the relationship I would have to sacrifice that. So it was an ode to anyone who has had to make a decision based on what they want, even if the immediate form of that person is still beautiful and amazing, your goals are just not aligned. I genuinely knew a lot of women in their 20s having to think really hard about their decisions of what they want from their partners/relationships. It’s the first time I’d written and recorded by myself in my room during lockdown, and it gave me the opportunity to be really honest and comfortable”Sophie Faith

London talent Sophie Faith makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a soft-spoken, yet powerful new single titled “Pinky Blues.” Released under TLD Records, the track is as vulnerable as can be, with a beautifully-bluesy feel sonically. Faith’s soulful vocals flawlessly resonate with the jazzy production, while her deeply personal and experiential lyrics reveal themselves to awe-struck listeners. Truthfully, it’s just as easy to get lost in the bass and guitar-filled instrumentation as it is to be amazed by Sophie’s decorative voice. “Pinky Blues,” in many respects, is a song that’s not only meant to be heard, but also felt on an empathetic level. Immerse yourself into Sophie Faith’s world by having a listen below!