Pine – [Unusual Demont]

“With pine I wanted to show a dichotomy between the lyrics and energy of the song again. Although the song itself is really bouncy and upbeat, it’s actually about the moral dilemma of a homewrecker coming into a dying relationship. As I wrote it I imagined a roller rink in the
late 90s / early 2000s lit up with green lights on a Friday night. I chose the name Pine because green is the color of envy and that’s the exact hue I visualized at the roller rink” – Unusual Demont

Unusual Demont’s long awaited single “Pine” is finally here! Specifically following his ‘stepping stone‘ debut “Amber,” the Madison, Wisconsin native’s new song delivers in every way imaginable. Netting a highly deserved Zane Lowe/Beats1 radio premiere, “Pine” provokes the pleasing smell of a brand new air freshener with a lingering after scent of a certain someone. As the artist alludes to in the quote above, the electrifying groovy bassline should not be confused with the gravity of his lyrics. Unable to shake the admired individual off his chest, and the ‘favorite times’ off his mind, the shadowy gray overcast clouds Demont’s judgement, which leads him to a compromised position. Contradicting himself, Demont vulnerably pleads his former admirer to keep a space for him, while simultaneously making a case to not part ways. Admitting he’s no better since their previous encounter, the outcome lies in the degree of needing short term fulfillment versus resolute departure. Given that “Pine” is off Unusual Demont’s upcoming Hues EP, one can abstractly presume that his wavering emotions will conceptually dictate the chromaticity of each color’s shade. In this specific case, envious nature is dangerously coupled with sensual longing, which has created quite a stunning track at the very least. Stream “Pine” by Unusual Demont below!