Pick Up – [DaBaby] ft. [Quavo]

In the entire Rap industry, few people have the respect and loyal fanbase that DaBaby has grown for himself over the past couple of years. While I have been on record saying that his flow can sometimes get repetitive and tiresome at times, there’s no denying his hitmaking ability and fans have been eating up his music ever since he came on the scene. His voice is just so smooth and unwavering, never getting interrupted by last-minute breathes or pauses, and he knows exactly what he plans on doing as soon as he hops on any beat that’s put in front of him. Quavo has a similar talent considering he is known as one of the most catchy, enthralling hitmakers in any genre you can think of, and he has had this ability ever since he first took the music scene by storm.

When they hopped on “Pick Up” together for the second track off of DaBaby’s album Blame it on Baby a few months ago, it was a banger from its very conception, and luckily, we were just gifted a brand-new music video to pair with the single. As the visual opens, a cell phone is buzzing on the floor of a warehouse as DaBaby walks up to it and picks up the phone while mysterious music plays in the background. A strange portal opens up and a hand reaches out of the screen, grabbing Baby by his chains and pulling him into an alternate dimension.

The song starts up as we see him traveling through this weird portal that ultimately leads him to the days during the time of dinosaurs and Neanderthals. A caveman is shown dialing into a stone phone to what can only be his side chick after seeing the angry reaction from his main girl. As Baby fights off some cheesy flying creatures, he cheers on the girl who proceeds to beat the caveman for his unruly behavior before another cavewoman sneaks up behind him and tries to start kissing him. The portal then transports him into quite literally the terrifying grasp of Deebo from the Friday trilogy as Big Worm chills in his convertible laughing at the situation. Baby ends up handling business with a gun as opposed to a brick before finding himself freefalling from space like a Meteor.

As Quavo comes in for his verse, he pulls up in a van that represents his rat extermination business. He proceeds to walk into an infested building where he stomps on rats in his expensive Off-White Jordan 5s prior to pulling out a flamethrower-esque gun and blowing these creatures to smithereens. Offset even makes a quick appearance for a brief moment and although it seemed unnecessary, I’ll never hate on a cameo from one of the other Migos. After Quavo takes care of business, he starts making his way back out to his van before DaBaby comes crashing down from outer space right on top of the vehicle crushing it and setting it ablaze. While he’s upset at the situation, photographers start following DaBaby as he tries to make an exit, bringing this visual to its culmination. Other than the random places that the two artists find themselves in, they can be seen together in a room with phones covering the wall in their rearview and hanging from the ceiling from their chords, adding some regularity to the otherwise obscure video.

DaBaby is never one to make boring or bland music videos, and this one is absolutely no different. The different scenes are appealing and interesting, and the two rappers do a wonderful job of acting out the scenarios that they’re placed in, so I think they did a fantastic job bringing this visual to life. For such a hit song, they needed to go all out for the video and that’s exactly what they did, so I’m beyond please with how the results turned out. Hearing these two hitmakers on a song together is never a disappointment and seeing them come together to make magic on the screen as well is something I’d never be mad at, so believe me when I saw that the visual for “Pick Up” is a must-see as soon as you find some time.