Pick a Strain – [Ka$hdami] ft. [Matt Ox] & [TyFontaine]

Ka$hdami is a relatively new name to me, but it’s a name that I’ve seen popping up left and right, so I figured it was about time for me to get in tune. While I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he’s young, from the DMV area, and has drawn comparisons to Tay-K 47, I decided to tune in to one of his most recent JayPluggz-produced songs entitled “Pick a Strain” for an awesome music video directed by none other than DotComNirvan, a talented videographer that has been blowing up alongside some of the smaller acts that he has worked with in recent memory.

Teaming up with Matt Ox and fellow DMV rapper TyFontaine, the trio pretty much hangs out in a fairly simplistic, clean white room. Thanks to some large windows and a bright, sunny day outside, the natural light just illuminates the room, making it look as if they’re chilling inside of a room that’s located in heaven. Although they don’t leave the room at any moment, one of my favorite things about Nirvan and his videography is his editing skills, because no matter what the scene at hand looks like, he adds in some of the most interesting, lively effects that bring something as ordinary as this setting to new heights, and that’s abundantly obviously as we make our way throughout this video.

While I can’t say that this song absolutely blew me away personally, I did enjoy the different cadences and the inventive deliveries that all three artists utilized, so I truly don’t have too much to complain about whatsoever. Although Nirvan’s edits are always captivating, all three of these artists are as creative as can be, so they came together to truly shine in this music video, and I couldn’t have been any happier about that. Ka$hdami is definitely an artist that you need to keep an eye on and familiarize yourself with before he truly blows up, so let “Pick a Strain” be your wake-up call and tune in immediately to see what all the hype is about.