Phone Off – [Daylight Tone]

I’ll never get tired of listening to new artists that are from Chicago. Although I like to think I know the main names in this town, I clearly know that there are many more emcees that I’m unfamiliar with than on my radar, but that’s just how this business goes. I come across many talents on my own, but when a homie sends a new name via text or email, I know that they’re someone worth checking out.

Just the other day, my friend sent me the track “Phone Off” from local hitmaker Daylight Tone, and even if this is my first glimpse of his aptitudes, I’m excited to see some more from the rising musician. Produced by CBMix, this one has a percussion-forward instrumental that is reminiscent of some of the unique tracks that certain Windy City icons like Chance the Rapper or Joey Purp have put out in the past.

The nostalgia is nice, but it’s in no way, shape, or form a clone because Daylight’s prowess on the mic is definitely eye-catching. He just seems to glide effortlessly, quickening his cadence wherever necessary before allowing himself time to slow it down so he can get a little more creative with his deliveries. What I always pay attention to while listening to new emcees for the first time is their fluidity. If there are tons of pauses and unnatural stutters, it can seriously make a great song unlistenable, but Daylight has absolutely none of these errors.

Instead, he gracefully spits each word with clarity and ease, making it feel like some of his more difficult lines are a walk in the park. Although I am already a big fan of Daylight Tone off of this one track, I can just tell that he’s an artist who has so many more skills in his repertoire. While I wait patiently to hear what else he can cook up in the studio, I am certainly going to be running “Phone Off” back and checking out some of his other singles as well!