Phoenix – [Popstar Benny]

Popstar Benny has become known as one of the main providers of unique sounds within Atlanta’s ever-popular music scene, and today, he brings his full arsenal of skills to the light with a marvelous, 11-track compilation tape entitled Phoenix. This project features guest spots from some of the most promising young artists in the area such as Jazz Ingram, Mahalo, Gvvaan, Tony Shhnow, and more, setting the tone from the first song to the last as a testament to the unrivaled versatility that Atlanta has become so well known for over time. It’s both ambitious and loyal to Benny’s home base at the same time, and by bringing all of the shining producer’s tricks of the trade into the spotlight, Phoenix reminds listeners of the hotbed of talent that is bubbling in the underground scene of the A right now. Get hip to an abundance of new artists by clicking play below and follow Popstar Benny on Twitter here!

Cover Photography – @CantStopManMan