Peter $un Unveils New EP 3PIECE

A year-long hiatus from the spotlight can feel like an eternity in the fast-paced realm of music, but when an artist like Peter $un returns, you know something extraordinary is about to unfold. Today marks the momentous release of his latest project, “3PIECE,” a meticulously crafted EP that’s sure to be the sonic elixir for your summer adventures. Combining his roles as an adept rapper, innovative producer, and soulful vocalist, Peter $un serves up a triple treat of musical bliss that spans across three tracks, each designed to soundtrack different facets of your mood.

Hailing from the crossroads of Virginia-born heritage and California-based creativity, the rising talent effortlessly blurs geographical boundaries with “3PIECE.” Drawing inspiration from Richmond’s vibrant beat scene and infusing it with the sunny tones of Los Angeles hip-hop, he creates a unique crossover experience that appeals to a diverse audience.

As Peter $un himself shares, “One of my favorite anime shows is ‘One Piece,’ so the project is somewhat of an ode to it as far as the art direction. The overall vibe I wanted was for people to just feel good and dance. I think it shows the different aspects of life and the phases that all people go through. It’s a little something for everyone.”

But the excitement doesn’t stop with the music. Peter $un is poised to take his talents beyond the studio and onto the screen. His electrifying live rendition of “BURN LIKE FIRE” will soon grace SpringHill’s revered “On-Site” YouTube series, a platform cultivated by LeBron James and Maverick Carter to amplify rising artists. Furthermore, in collaboration with Red Bull Media House and the esteemed nonprofit Ghetto Film School, Peter $un is set to unveil ” $unny Daze,” a captivating short film directed by the talented Lexx Truss.

Peter $un’s musical palette is a vibrant blend of genres, emotions, and experiences, and with this project, he invites us all to revel in the intoxicating rhythm of his sonic canvas. So hit play, let the music wash over you, and immerse yourself in the world of Peter $un.