Pete Rose – [A$AP Ant]

I said this just last week when I covered A$AP Twelvyy’s music video for his song “Madden 95”, but I have no problem repeating myself when it comes to A$AP Mob to further emphasize my point. This point that I’m referring to is the fact that although the Mob might be known for members like Rocky and Ferg in the mainstream, the collective runs much deeper than these two frontrunners, and the backbones of the group deserve their time in the spotlight just as much.

While Members like Ant, Twelvyy, and Nast get a moment to shine (and even outshine) their popular counterparts at times on their Cozy Tapes series, I think that their individual efforts are just as notable, although much less recognized for whatever unfair and obscure reason. Take A$AP Ant’s 2020 project Lil Black Jean Jacket 2, a 17 song, almost 40-minute-long effort full of sounds and talents that often go overshadowed.

I’m here to make sure this album and Ant get the respect they so clearly deserve, and luckily, Ant decided to gift his true fans with a brand-new music video for the 16th track on the project “Pete Rose”, a song that was produced by ShmackHarv while the video is directed by AntOriginates. This visual is a bit frantic and hectic, constantly rotating through various seasons while boasting transitions that come out of nowhere. While this style can make it hard to describe in general let alone specific scenes, it matches the high-paced aesthetic of the track and works well with Ant’s captivating rhythmic schemes.

As we’re taken on a journey throughout the video, the camera seems to constantly spin, rotating from his Nike Dunks to his chain before zeroing in on the artist smoking a blunt and flexing the lean that he poured in his Fanta bottle. Aside from the rapid camera work, there are some appealing animations and edits that make you almost feel like you’re on some sort of psychedelic trip, and this record is the perfect soundtrack for your journey.

Earlier on, I know I made it seem like Ant gets no respect and that’s not completely the case. He has tons of respect from other artists and industry professionals, but I just feel like the general public can overlook him and some of his other Mob counterparts despite the fact that they’re making some of the best music in NYC. At the end of the day, A$AP Mob from top to bottom shaped an entire generation of music with the waves they made early on in their careers, and every single member from top to bottom deserves the credit and praise for doing so. While this has never affected A$AP Ant, I just want as many people as possible to be able to witness his remarkable contributions to music, so if you’ve somehow been sleeping on the Mob legend, “Pete Rose” is another wonderful song that you should use as your alarm to finally wake up.