Pesos x Euros – [Skotty Benz]

The Wisconsin hip-hop scene has flown under-the-radar for years. As a resident my whole life, it seems that unless you were from Milwaukee, your work wasn’t be appreciated. However, this tide is beginning to turn, with the help of social media and dozens of artists that are beginning to emerge out of areas where hip-hop culture has less of an impact. One of these names is Skotty Benz – who has been entrenched in the rap game for some time and has piled up smooth work track after track – and is gaining some serious steam. His new track, “Pesos x Euros” recently released on all platforms and is accompanied by an unbelievably vibrant video produced by Will Markquart.

“Pesos x Euros” has an upbeat tempo partnered with high-spirited lyricism which provides an overarching feel-good theme. Skotty exclaims motifs of money-making and late night energy that make this track instantly stick in your head. “Vibe with me and get comfortable, let’s take a ride I got the antidote.”

The video is a colorful work taking place in both an abandoned area of desert scattered with bright graffiti, and a beautifully landscaped mansion with a pool, waterfalls, and plenty of drinks and cash. The settings provide for an illustrious video that supplements the energy given off in the song.

As hip-hop continues to spread and grow in areas where the culture hasn’t always been affluent, look for talented artists to keep sprouting and making names for themselves, such as Wisconsin’s own Skotty Benz.

Watch “Pesos x Euros” below and follow Skotty Benz on Twitter here!

Song produced by Kid Rarri and engineered by Northern Noize.
Video produced by Will Markquart