Personalities – [Heffie]

Emerging out of the SoundCloud scene that gave way to names like Lil Tecca, Pasto Flocco, and countless others, Heffie is a New Jersey-based artist who lives by the same principles as the aforementioned names: consistency, melody, and undeniability. The release rate in the SoundCloud world is a fast one, and few names have maintained such a quick pace without missing a beat – never mind doing so at just 17 years old, entirely out of a bedroom studio.

We’ve featured Heffie in the past, but today, the NJ talent might just have his finest release to date in the form of “Personalities.” Recently getting picked up by Promoting Sounds, the song is already off to the races as one of Heffie’s finest displays yet, and justly so. It builds on an undeniable foundation of light, bright guitar riffs and ear worm melodies, not to mention one of the stickiest choruses I’ve heard all year. Add this to Heffie’s signature, accented vocal style, and you’ve got a song that oozes replay value.

Heffie’s sound is the kind that you find yourself singing without even thinking, and “Personalities” is no different. Stream the infectious new track below: