Permission – [TokenVlone]

Last year was a very pivotal year for so many up-and-coming artists, but it was just as impactful for me as well, I believe. Although I may be in a different realm of the music industry, I feel as if I finally found my footing, made some fantastic connections, and truly started to gain a grasp of what my place in this business is. Along with these realizations, I was able to find out about so many blossoming and promising talents that I couldn’t keep count, and just when I thought I had heard about the next big thing, someone else would come across my computer screen and I was more amazed than ever.

Towards the end of last year, I came across TokenVlone, someone who I definitely should have been in tune with much earlier than I was, but I didn’t let my tardiness affect my enjoyment of this rising talent’s skills, so when I tapped in with his debut project Vandals, it immediately became something I revisited on a daily basis and still regularly listen to as often as I can. Drawing comparisons to the legendary Juice WRLD is never something anyone should take lightly, and while I believe their similarities are definitely there, I think that the rising 18-year-old artist is someone who has an individualistic style and his own story to share with the world.

So, when he shows off his talents with as much passion and grace as he does on his latest Based1 and OnTay-produced release “Permission”, it’s clear that he’s destined for greatness. This one shows Token at his chilliest, at least in my opinion, because the casual yet addicting beat lets him do what he pleases in terms of delivery, and his lyrics just seem to roll off of his tongue with ease.

Although he doesn’t quite stretch out his notes and get overly melodious with his words, there is still an obvious tuneful quality within his delivery that isn’t quick to be missed, and while I think that he has shown off his range on other songs a bit more, I still feel like this record is another version of the rising star that is as addicting as ever. Not only did he drop off this awesome track, but he even released a dope visual to accompany “Permission” with direction from Declan Kyle, making this yet another unmissable release from the insanely entertaining and talented emcee known as TokenVlone.