Perfect Balance – [Aj Simons]

The limitless world of creativity and progression that the contemporary pop setting allows for is letting any and all artists in this light try their hand at introducing new styles and approaches to this new era for the genre moving into the new decade. With such an expansive creative pallet, the most defining and obviously talented acts today are coming through with offerings that are equally saturated in a sense of appeal as they are in a progressive sense all the same.

That exact description applies to no one better at their current level than the ever-rising Aj Simons — one of the most talented and creatively sound artists trying their hand at modern pop music today. With an of-their-own presence on the mic and a relentless passion to enhance their already-proven artistry, they are without question one of the most intriguing and unignorable figures moving into this burgeoning period in music.

Though past singles have come to represent all that has already been stated about them, their most recent single offering in “Perfect Balance” practically cements that status in stone due to the sheer quality that this track has in store.

Over a blissful and characteristically appealing instrumental from Glxy and Nvyuu, Aj graces such an atmospheric setting with an equal amount of finesse and artfulness that a beat like this just begs for by itself.

To say that they come to accomplish this feat in full would be an understatement, as their unique vocal inflections find themselves perfectly intertwined with the sporadic instrumental throughout the song’s entirety. That off-the-wall yet supremely rich inflection is more gripping than even the most esteemed of acts who lay claim to the same status; Aj goes above and beyond by delivering it here with an ideally-looping flow that matches in one-to-one correspondence with the sounds that surround it.

What this track proves more than anything else is Aj’s incredibly profound expertise in owning this modern methodology — a song like this just goes to show how learned they are as an artist first, and how easy it is for them to put that experience in a musical medium to create something as flawless as this song truly is.