People Watching – [Sen Morimoto]

Sen Morimoto has been popping up behind the boards and in front of the mic on collaborations with fellow Chicago artists for awhile now, linking up with the likes of Joseph Chilliams, Qari and Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. This week, he’s shared a new solo track off his forthcoming LP “Cannonball!”. Titled “People Watching”, Sen’s multiple talents are on full display for this track, as he delivers spoken word style raps and warm harmonies over a beat that he produced himself. He builds off of his increasingly recognizable sound as well, when  the track takes off with a saxophone intro and leads into a steady, dreamy instrumental. The one-man live instrumentation adds an uncanny soulful flair to everything Sen touches, and he curates a vibe that feels unrushed like a Sunday afternoon. Lyrically, Sen touches on ideas of staying true go oneself and moving at your own pace. “People Watching” feels like a proper introduction into Sen’s mind and paves the way for “Cannonball!” which drops May 4th via Sooper Records. Stream the track below: