People Watching – [Sen Morimoto]

If you haven’t heard Sen Morimoto’s “Cannonball” record yet, I personally think it’d be a great use of your time to hit play on that album ASAP. And if you haven’t yet been introduced to the Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, the music video for his single “People Watching” is a perfect start.

Released under 88Rising and Sooper Records, Sen plays chameleon all around downtown Chicago for his latest visual accompaniment. When he’s not sledge-hammering walls and furniture in an apartment, he’s doing tai-chi in front of Calder’s Flamingo, strolling down State Street and venturing through L-stops. Directed by Scott Cramer and edited by Miles Trahan, this video gives an equally mesmerizing flair to the jazzy cut off Sen’s debut record. One of the more laidback songs on “Cannonball”, Sen and crew match the chillness of “People Watching” with a worthy visual treatment. Check the video out below and be sure to peep Sen’s full-length “Cannonball” here if you’re feeling it.