Peng Black Girls Remix – [ENNY] x [Jorja Smith]

“There’s peng black girls in my area code, dark skin, light skin, medium tone, permed tings, braids, got minis afros, thick lips got hips some of us don’t, big nose contour some of us won’t, never wanna put us in the media bro…” – ENNY

The best songs don’t only sound great, but contain beautiful messages that can either be felt or shared on a human level. ENNY’s “Peng Black Girls” remix featuring Jorja Smith is the latest example, which was produced by Paya & Srigala (bass + guitar by Casper Miles), mixed by Clinton McCreery, and mastered by Engine-Earz. The fantastic artwork is a texas.ldn creation, which is filled with several ‘peng’ black women. Sonically, the record’s vibrant and soulful production creates a strong candidate for the official black girl anthem, which is supported by the conscious lyricism of ENNY and Jorja Smith. It’s clear that the political associations with the song are to uplift the various black women that have been rejected, mistreated, and subjugated in past and present society. Despite being disregarded and intentionally counted out, ‘Black Girl Magic’ continues to thrive everywhere, with this particular offering illuminating such excellence. Lyrically, ENNY and Smith reject colorism & beauty standards while promoting acceptance and inclusion to create a self-empowering record that will bold well over time. Proudly representing the UK, both artists have further reminded the world that it’s imperative to not only celebrate the greatness of black women, but to promote and advocate for them in all social spaces. Listen to the “Peng Black Girls” remix below!