Penelope Terrel – [Tommy Richman] x [KADOLEAF]

Tommy Richman is building musical worlds of synths, hypnotizing melodies, and hard-hitting drums. His new single, and video “Penelope Terrel” featuring KADOLEAF, combines elements of multiple genres that are simultaneously dynamic while remaining concise in its ability to texturize the otherworldly vocal delivery from Tommy and KADOLEAF. The new video for “Penelope Terrel” reflects the motley elements that create the single by echoing its style through visual depictions of Tommy and friends. This home-movie creative combination of lyrics and visuals captures candid close-ups, digitalized 8-bit-like versions of people, and everyday day-in-the-life style of footage. The combination of all these elements not only emphasizes the song’s sporadic but gripping sound but paints a realistic picture of the kind of emotion put into the newly released record.

Watch the “Penelope Terrel” video from Tommy Richman and KADOLEAF below.