Pegasus Kid 3 – [Tino Szn]

16-year-old North Carolina rapper Tino Szn returns with a new project to close out the year entitled ‘Pegasus Kid 3’. PK3 is the final installment in the Pegasus Kid trilogy for the young emcee. Tino is able to show off how far he’s come in developing his sound from the first installment. He’s able to show off his raw abilities as a rapper and how much his ear has evolved as a songwriter and producer. This extended play features production from prominent producers such as Lukrative, Harold Harper, Based1 to the rising producers like Vvspipes, Deskhop. If you were a fan of Tino’s previous release with producer collective Flight Crew don’t worry this body of work features sounds from Lucca, Brite, and King as well. This tape is light-hearted and fun and should be taken as a body of work that shows how far Tino has come this early on and not a rapper that’s a finished product.

Stream Tino Szn’s new eight-track project ‘Pegasus Kid 3’ for yourself after the break.