Peach – [Kevin Abstract]

As an individual artist and even alongside the entire Brockhampton crew, Kevin Abstract’s unmatched work ethic and remarkable drive for both quality and quantity have led to an undeniably historic run of great projects and videos. Most recently, he blessed us with the stellar Ghettobaby EP, and now, as we await the forthcoming main entree, Kevin is back, and he brought some friends. Today, we’re here to help unveil the bona fide star’s incredible new release, “Peach” — a song that, by my estimates, we’ll all be throwing on repeat the entire summer long.

Featuring a lush chorus from one of music’s newest and most promising young talents, Dominic Fike, as well as some guest spots from Joba and Bearface, this song takes the intoxicating warm air of the summer and turns into a beautifully anthemic soundtrack for the season. Abstract’s thoughtful lyrics bounce perfectly alongside the infectious rhythm of the song, and the cherry on top is a guitar-based instrumental that sounds, feels, and hits just like a picture perfect summer day, all the way into the moonlit glory of the night.

Only adding to the greatness of this release, the visuals bring all of the feelings of warmth, friendship, reflection, and even joy to the stage with scenes of the artists dancing, riding motorbikes, hanging out of car windows, and so much more. The one common thread throughout the entire video is the decadent, summer-themed and color-coordinated aesthetic, pushing “Peach” from a status unbelievable to, well, even more unbelievable.

Kevin Abstract is an artist for the ages, and songs/videos explain exactly why. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!